Sports Club Portal

The Sports Club Portal is a platform dedicated to all affiliated Saints Sport clubs and their members and provides key information on all the services and activities available as part of the Saints Experience.


Saints Sport strives “to create a special sporting environment: providing the best possible support and opportunities, enabling everyone to realise their own goals, create their fondest memories, form their strongest friendships and have the best university experience because of their engagement with Saints Sport.

This is the Saints Sport Experience, and it cannot happen without the contribution of every member, club committee, and staff member. To support this, we hold ourselves and all our members to the Saints Sport Core Values, embedding them in our decisions, actions, and the sports we play.


Club Values

Many of clubs also have sport-specific values, embedded in their club culture. Throughout the year, Saints Sport provides opportunities for clubs to reflect on their values, learn about club culture, and assess their club development. As a result of these club development discussions, clubs have highlighted the following values as being important to them – with the bigger values being picked up by multiple clubs. These values reflect the current environment of our clubs, their priorities, and their aspirations for the future.