Welcome to the new Club Portal

Fergus Knight
Monday 21 September 2020

Hi, I’m Sophie, the Athletic Union President for the year.

Welcome to your new Club Portal!

This site has been designed to be your one stop shop for all things AU and Saints Sport to help run and develop your club. The portal is the quickest way for you to get answers to many of your questions about running a club or committee.

  • The “About” section introduces you to the role of the AU President, the AU Executive team alongside some interesting history information and information on events we run.
  • The “Governance” section contains all the important information that you have probably never read before (!) such as the AU Constitution, policies, procedures and also a useful FAQ section.
  • The “Club Development” section contains information and resources to help achieve your development goals. It also contains useful information for your Wellbeing Officers and any club volunteers.
  • The “Club Operations” section contains all useful information and resources for the more day-to-day running of your club. Look here for competition, finance, marketing, transport, fundraising and alumni help.
  • The calendar is fairly self-explanatory but will contain information about events and deadlines for applications.

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