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Athletic Union Executive Committee

The Athletic Union Executive Committee is made up of four student members on part-time internship roles, who as a group meet on a regular basis to discuss and help shape the future of student sport at St Andrews. Their voices, opinions, and ideas are vital for furthering the student experience.

Each member of the Exec represents a specific area of student sport, whether that be sports development, media, finance, events, volunteering, wellbeing or inclusion. In doing so Saints Sport keeps student representation at the centre of the organisation.

How can I get involved?

All matriculated students of the University of St Andrews are eligible to apply for a position on the Student Sport Team. Following a successful application, the new Student Sport Team will vote on who they would like to represent them on the Exec committee.

2020-21 Committee


2020-21 Committee Name Email address
AU President Sophie Tyler
AU Treasurer Rebecca Clunie
AU Publicity & Media Officer Alex Purcell
AU Events Officer Lilly Wallace
AU Volunteering & Engagement Officer Sam Winton

Role of the AU President

The President [elected by and accountable to the membership of the Athletic Union] is directly responsible for the day to day management of student members of the Executive and for chairing the Executive Committee. The President is accountable to the Proctor, and works in partnership with the Assistant Director (Sport Development), alongside other Saints Sport staff members. 

Key Responsibilities

  • To undertake general President’s administrative tasks such as responding to emails from clubs, BUCS/SSS representative tasks, all paperwork for meetings and signing any relevant paperwork. 
  • To represent the interests of the Athletic Union to the University and interact with all University bodies (e.g. Principal’s Office, DSE, Alumni Office, Development Office, and Students’ Association) in addition to external organisations, companies and ad hoc committees. Undertake a public relations role. 
  • To working in conjunction with the Department of Sport to encourage participation in sporting activities in the University at all levels. 
  • To ensure the financial sustainability and smooth organisation of the Athletic Union and its constituent clubs. 
  • To uphold the Constitution of the Athletic Union and implement its policies. 
  • To continue to develop good working relationships within the AU and with the DSE now collectively known as Saints Sport. 
  • To help organise student elections alongside the Students’ Association. 
  • To adhere to the internal Athletic Union President’s Job Description, reviewed annually by the Executive Committee and the Department of Sport (where appropriate).

AU President Job Description

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