AU Constitution

1. Name

1.1. The name of the organisation shall be “The University of St Andrews Athletic Union”, hereafter referred to as ‘The Athletic Union’.

2. Purposes

2.1. The Athletic Union shall hold the following as its aims and objectives and shall strive to fulfil these aims and objectives at all times:

2.1.1. To represent the interests of all matriculated students at the University of St Andrews (hereafter referred to as “the University”) in matters relating to sports and physical activity.

2.1.2. Promote a wide variety of high-quality opportunities for students to engage and participate in sport and physical activity.

2.1.3. Promote equal opportunities for all students, in line with the University’s Equality and Diversity Inclusion Policy.

2.1.4. Promote, support and oversee the Athletic Union Affiliated clubs.

2.1.5. Ensure all affiliated clubs represent the values of the Athletic Union and demonstrate the highest values of health and wellbeing. These values are as follows: Selfless Affable Inclusive Nurturing Trustworthy Successful

2.1.6. To promote and abide by the rules of the University