How we represent you

Run by students, for students, the Athletic Union (AU) is the student organisation for the support and development of sport at the University and answers to the AU Board. The AU is run by an Executive Committee (Exec) and led by an elected Athletic Union President.

Athletic Union President

The AU President is a full-time elected sabbatical officer who dedicates a year away from studies for the development of university sport and works closely with sports club committees to support their growth and development.

Role of the AU President

The President, elected by and accountable to the membership of the Athletic Union, is responsible for chairing and convening the Executive Committee. The President is accountable to the Proctor, and works in partnership with the Assistant Director (Sport Development), alongside other Saints Sport staff members.

As part of the wider Sabbatical Team representing the student voice, the AU President works closely with the five elected Students’ Association Officers – Students’ Association President, the Director of Education, the Director of Student Development and Activities, the Director of Wellbeingand the Director of Events and Services – to help shape the student experience here in St Andrews.

AU President Job Description

Meet the President

Ailsa Martin
AU President

Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 2176

Jessica’s Manifesto

Athletic Union Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the Athletic Union, its members, and affiliated clubs and operates under powers delegated by the Athletic Union Board chaired by the Proctor. The group meet on a regular basis to discuss and help shape the future of student sport at St Andrews.

The committee

The Executive Committee, which must always have a student majority, is chaired by the Athletic Union President and comprised of co-opted members of the Student Sport Team and Saints Sport staff:

  • Athletic Union President
  • Co-opted members of the Student Sport Team
  • Director of Sport
  • Deputy Director of Sport
  • Assistant Director (Sports Development)

Other members of Saints Sport staff may be invited to attend meetings if deemed appropriate but will not have a voting right.

How to get involved?

All matriculated students of the University of St Andrews are eligible to apply for the Saints Sport internship programme which provides opportunities for students to contribute to the successful operation of university sport as part of the Student Sport Team.

Following a successful application, the new Student Sport Team vote on who they would like to represent them on the Executive committee. Their voices, opinions, and ideas are vital for furthering the student experience at St Andrews and ensures students are represented at the heart of University sport governance and decision-making.

Athletic Union Board

The Athletic Union Board is chaired by the Proctor and is the governing body for the Athletic Union. Board meets 5-7 times during the academic year and is accountable to University Court.


The Athletic Union Board is chaired by the Vice-Principal Education (Proctor), or an appropriate Principal’s Office delegate, and comprised of co-opted student members of the Athletic Union Executive Committee and Saints Sport staff:

  • Clare Peddie (Proctor, Vice-Principal Education) – Chair of the Board
  • Jess Smith – Athletic Union President
  • Lottie Doherty – Association President
  • Stephen Stewart – Director of Sport
  • Duncan Caithness – Assistant Director (Sport Development)
  • Pasha Moradzadeh-Tehrani – AU Treasurer
  • Co-opted member of the AU Executive Committee – Minute Taker

AU Board is accountable to University Court for the following:  

  • Implementing the purposes of the Athletic Union
  • Establishing Athletic Union policies and procedures
  • Managing the resources of the Athletic Union and its affiliated clubs
  • The annual budget and accounts of the Athletic Union
  • Assisting and advising the Athletic Union President


All affiliated clubs are required to operate in line with Saints Sport and Athletic Union policies, as well as those of the University and any National Governing Body or Sports Governing Body which you may be affiliated with.